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Macout was originally formed to combat the medical co-payment for retirees and to halt the damage being done by the UBC Trusteeship in New York. While primarily recognized as a Retirees Advocacy group MACOUT, seeks to protect and restore the rights of all members, Active and Retired.

To defeat the co-payment we filed suit in Federal Court in January, 1999, against the Trustees of the District Council. At that time most Local leaders were saying there was nothing to be done. As we began to inform the membership of the abuses of the Trusteeship, and began to make progress, many of these same leaders, while denying knowledge of our existence, began to claim credit for the gains we were making. We can understand their need to claim undeserved credit, because the truth is, most of the salaried Officials of the Union, fearful of their jobs, did virtually nothing to help or protect the membership.

Much has happened since we formed. In addition to our original lawsuit, we filed and/or participated in pro-se suits which sought to guarantee voting rights for Retired members and to block the Trustees from extending the contract of the disastrous ZENITH, as funds administrators. We have networked with Union carpenters nationwide, attended rank and file pro- Democracy conferences, done exhaustive research  of our funds, and have made so many trips to the District Council on behalf the members that we have become, a very familiar, if not welcome, presence at the funds. We have had our defeats, but have enjoyed major victories as well. Last July the co-payment was removed from members over 65 and the District council has announced that effective July 1, 2000 members 55 and over will not have to pay for  medical coverage any longer. Our lawsuit continues, seeking the return to Retirees of all money they paid for coverage.

On March,13th this year we suffered a severe setback with the passing of our colleague, Noel McElligott. His death came as a shock. Only hours before he died, he was on the phone with other Board members, planning future actions. Noel was a devoted family man and a fierce Unionist. The zeal and dedication he brought to MACOUT, made him irreplaceable. We mourn his loss.

We applaud the fact the Trusteeship is over and that our District Council is once again being run by New York members. We wish the new leadership well, and will support all positive efforts they make on behalf of the membership. Sadly, however, their early efforts appear less than promising.
Although they have announced the removal of Zenith(after a required, and necessary transition period) as Funds Administrators, mixed signals coming from various officials, tend to indicate that Zenith will continue in some capacity. Zenith was a disaster imposed upon us by President McCarron. They need to be removed completely. Also, Marco Consultants, financial advisers,  also imposed on us by McCarron, have earned us ridiculously low returns on our investments, during what has been the best investment market in history. The council has made no announcement of plans to remove MARCO.

Further, they have refused to take part in the growing Nationwide movement to amend the UBC Constitution to allow for one member one vote for Union Leaders, including the General President, and General Executive Board.

We hope our leaders are not confusing what the members need with what McCarron wants!

We continue on, although finances are a major problem. Members, particularly Retirees, have been a tremendous help. Over one thousand, members have supported us with contributions. But, legal fees , combined with printing, and mailing costs, have exceeded $150,000, much of it still owed, and the total keeps rising. Any member wishing to help can send donations to :

110-64 Queens Blvd. Box 509
Forest Hills, NY 11375 -6347

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

We hold meetings jointly with AARC every other Saturday, 10 AM at the

4345, 40th Street
(at Queens Blvd.) Sunnyside, NY.

Next meeting is Feb. 24, 2001. Stop by and say hello.

Everyone is welcome. We are interested in your ideas and input. We're here, and as long as the members need us, We Won't Be Going Away!


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