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Given the way Retirees have been treated in the last year, we can understand why some people would be afraid of the Retiree vote, but it in no way justifies denying them their RIGHT TO VOTE!!!

has repeatedly besieged the election committee and election monitor Judge Kathleen Roberts over the issue of retiree mail-in ballots.
Responding to our requests that a ballot be sent to all retirees, one excuse for refusing was that a retiree could vote by mail and also walk in and vote.

We pointed out that since the mail-in ballots were due 12/3, and walk in was on 12/10 and 12/11, there was a seven day "window of opportunity" to verify who voted by mail.

The following day we were told that the 12/3 date was "discovered" to be a "typo", with all ballots due on 12/10, so that only people who requested a ballot could receive one.

Confused? Don't feel bad. Almost everyone else is also, And that is the point.

Through rules weighted their way, altered at will by the election committee, and rubber stamped by the election monitor, the chance of a fair election seems remote.

Brothers and Sisters, DON'T TOLERATE THIS TREATMENT!!!
Call the Election Committee at(212) 366-7500 or fax them at (212) 675-3140. Call the Election Monitor Judge Kathleen Roberts at (212) 751-2700 or fax her at (212) 751-4099, or E--mail at LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

Retirees you have earned your right to vote. DEMAND IT!!! EXERCISE IT!!! MACOUT will continue to help. Please join us in our struggle. Together, WE WILL PREVAIL.

  • June 7th.     ***  members protest McCarrons appearance at Council

  • June 30th.  ***  return of McCarron. "non-preferred" members kept out by armed guards. roll back of over 65 co-payment announced

  • July 1st.       ***  3000 members march in downpour across the Brooklyn Bridge to Judge Haights court to protest trusteeship.

  • September  ***  MACOUT deposes trustees for lawsuit. McCarron deposed in Washington - has faulty memory

  • September 10th. ***  Delegates to District Council elected at Local Level

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