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The Wildcat Backlash

Local 713 leader Charged

Local 34 under siege again

The International and their local kiss-ups on our Regional Council are determined to try and squash all opposition to their top down regime. John Reimann, Recording Secretary of Local 713 faces a long list of charges which attack him for his role in the wildcat protest that won us back our contract ratification. This is an attack on all Locals and their right to elect who they want as local officers.

The Piledrivers in Local 34 who were a big force for the NO vote against the contract have had their hiring hail taken away from them and had two non-Piledriver BAs forced on them. Watch out Lathers!

Two brothers put in their ten cents worth

Support Your Brother!

by Joe Carpenter

Just recently, the Carpenters Union Leadership (For Now) has filed charges against "one" brother they feel had an impact on how many carpenters reacted to a stinky poor Contract! They are targeting him as the leader of some negative movement that in some way tried to hurt Our Union!

Nothing is farther from the truth! I talk to a lot of members, and they had their own ideas and spoke on them, so that they might have it a little better in these Busy times. I know I did and still do, And it’s not because I’m led by Anyone!

This brother’s name is John Reimann. He’s now the Recording Secretary for Local 713 in Hayward, And the truth is He’s running against Casey in the Up-Coming Elections. You do the math, you draw the picture. It’s really all clear what’s going on!! This brother with the heart to help the other working carpenters needs our support!!!

Don’t let them Do this to Our Man John!

Who is this John Reimann?

By Rocker Ron

The brothers and sisters out there need to know the kind of man Mike Draper of the International is trying to railroad.

During the time I’ve known John he has never once strayed from the belief that the brotherhood must ‘AGITATE, EDUCATE, & ORGANIZE.’ John is the kind of man the union needs to fight this corporate take over that is being imposed on the members of our brotherhood..

John has been working as a carpenter since 1970. While at Local #36 he participated in the "wildcat" to protest the Nixon era wage controls. He became involved in union activities at that time and was elected recording secretary of that local. They offered him jobs with the organization to keep him silent. When that wouldn’t work because John would not compromise his beliefs, they would bring him up on charges. Because John has always fought for the members they couldn’t ever make anything stick. John will not compromise the rights of the members for a career for himself. This is something that is missing in our leadership today. The members can see the insincerity of the leadership today.

John is the elected recording secretary of Loc. # 713 at present. He stands up to the leadership for the rights of the members. The International is over stepping their bounds. The "rank & file," can effect real change only through a democratic process, a process that the International opposes. I will do all I can to help fight these charges and invite all brothers and sisters to do the same.

What You Can Do

I have signed the petition being circulated to stop these ridiculous charges against John. If you haven’t signed yet make an effort to find it and get onboard. If you can’t find one on your job, contact the Working Carpenter and you can help circulate it. Don’t be left out of this fight to win back our union. Join the ‘Working Carpenters for a Stronger Union ." Let's let the International know that they have no business trying to control our lives and our livelihood. If they want to help us then do what they are supposed to do and get out of our local business.