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A Real Union or an Employment Agency?

There is a war going on in our union. It’s already affecting your pay, your pension and your future.

On the one side is the working carpenter. You pay your dues. You think the working members are what the union is all about. On the other side is the International, the John Caseys, the double pensions, paid vacations, the lunches with the contractors and the $100,000 salaries.

We fought over the election of BAs. They won that one. We had a wildcat over One Member One Vote. We won that one.Now they’re bringing charges against Local 713’s rank and file Recording Secretary because in the words of the Local’s own (66 to 0) resolution John Reimann is a "die-hard supporter of the rank and file."

The working carpenters who put out this newsletter believe in rank and file power, a strong contract and no special privileges for our full time officers. We believe that the union should work for the members NOT the contractors.For our union to survive the ups and downs of the future we need a leadership in the union who will back up the members not stab them in the back.

The actions of May won us back One Member One Vote and a sizable hike in this and last year’s pension credit.This is just the beginning to winning back our union.This newsletter is yours. Read it, give it out, write for it. United we stand, divided we become an employment agency.