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IF all else fails, if the General Executive Board endorses the Trial Board’s decision, if John’s expulsion is upheld then we will be launching a court battle with Doug McCarron.
IF so we’ll need financial support from the locals.

The Working Carpenter 100% supports the battle for John’s reinstatement.
We need immediate donations to continue to print the thousands and thousands of flyers. Send donations into the address below.
And call our hotline for the latest developments.

The Working Carpenter

Newstrition Facts

Serving Size

  1 Page
Servings Per Container   4
Calories   0
Total Fibre 5g   2%
Sugar 2g   5%
Casey Ulcer 10g   30%
Bullshit   0%
Just ain't gettin'
enough of it?
Maybe you should...
One Year (4 issues/yr)   $5
5 copies, one year   $10
10 copies, one year   $15
Checks to:
Working Carpenters for a Stronger Union
PMB 258, 20885 Redwood Rd.
Castro Valley, CA. 94546-5915

(or )

Working Carpenters for a Stronger Union

When they came for YOUR brother.
what did YOU do?