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The Links on this page are only the tip of the Iceberg
More will be posted in time
As you will see something is seriously wrong.

This is a "public" on-line carpenter's discussion forum called Jaw'in.
You may post messages anonymously
(unfortunate  but necessary under a dictatorship) but please state your local # and city so we know where you talking about.

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Exposing the TRUTH about the Carpenter's Union

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Our Brothers North of the Border and home of  level.gif (20058 bytes)

Association for Union Democracy

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This site is owned and managed by Ed Kehoe, a Union member, a delegate to the 1997 TWU International convention, a former Shop Steward and a current member of the TWU Local 100 executive board.

"Union leaders in my section had become an extension of management"

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Seek out the Truth and Have the Courage to Defend it

Some very good Information Here

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